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Me and the Cult Leader selected to Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival

Me and the Cult Leader has been selected for Ji.Hlava in the Constellations section. 

On the selection of his film, the director Atsushi Sakhara says: 

I feel very honored. Ji.Hlava is one the most respected doc festival in the world and constellation section is a section of the best films of festivals in the past year. Also Czech is special country.  Rabbi Hoffberg, who guided me from even before my college days and helped me to recuperate for a year after the sarin gas attack, now lives in Prague. I have visited him there; I have a special attachment to Czech and the festival.

Ji.Hlava, based in the Czech city of Jihlava, enters its 24th year in a hybrid model. Me and the Cult Leader will be available in theatres to meet the audience for the first time after its online showcase at Sheffield Doc Fest!

Constellations showcases the best films shown at festivals over the past year, and this year includes World Cinema Grand Jury Prize Winner Epicentro by Hubert Sauper and Todd Chandler's Bulletproof  which explores the phenomenon on "school shooters" and its impact on the US society. 

The Czech title for Me and the Cult Leader is Já a vůdce sekty – současná zpráva o banalitě zla. This will be the film's first theatrical screening and first screening on Continental Europe. 

For more on the festival, click here:

The selection was also reported here:


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